to Reconnect

"Most of all.... lies in the hearts of all beings, a state of mind.... it is their own space of freedom and positive potential, they feel connected to all other life and responsible for bettering everyone else's condition as well as their own"

Robert A.F. 'Tenzin' Thurman

Let’s reconnect with our true nature, a deeper strength inside us all, a wisdom guiding and supporting us, a power we can trust.

"In the life we generally lead there is very little solitude"

J Krishnamurti

Let's listen to the Still Small Voice inside. Let's Amplify That!

"We're moving from one understanding of our place in things to another. The [online] Renaissance may have brought us from the tribal to the individual, but the current renaissance is bringing us from individualism to something else"

Douglas Rushkoff

Lets Reconnect FIND THE OTHERS!

"We could explore space, together, both inner and outer, forever, in peace.”

Bill Hicks

Let's Reconnect with inner and outer Nature, the landscape and our place in it, a walk in the woods a swim in the sea, meditation, contemplation, the Sun, The Moon and The Stars

"When we are creative, we help the unknown to become known, the invisible to be seen. Our creativity is excited by what is new, different and concealed within us."

John O'Donohue

Let's Reconnect with our Creativity, paint, play an instrument, write with a pen, make a soup, dance!

"In the choices we have made, consciously or not, about how we use our computers, we have rejected the intellectual tradition of solitary, single minded concentration, the ethic that the book bestowed on us"

Nicholas Carr - The Shallows

Let's Reconnect with reading a book made of Paper! Let's reconnect with single tasking and concentrating on one thing for sustained periods